The Spanish superstar and one of the greatest tennis players of all times, Rafael Nadal, has announced that he would not be able to play in the US Open which is the last grand slam of the year. This is the fourth consecutive tournament that Nadal would miss due to his injury. Now, it has become clear that Nadal’s injury is quite serious and he needs a long time to get rid of the injury completely. Nadal had played his last match in June and he has been out of the tennis arena since the last two months. Nadal’s decision would have disappointed his fans a lot who have been waiting for the comeback of their favourite player for quite a while now.

Nadal wrote on his Twitter account that he is still struggling with his knee and it would take him some more time to be fully fit. As per Nadal, it would have been wonderful to feature in the Flushing Meadows again, but, he can’t do much about his injury. It is not sensible to go into a hard court tournament with an 80% fit knee. So, he decided to keep himself out of the tournament. Nadal further wrote that it has been frustrating to be out of tennis for so long and he wants to perform at the big stage again. Nadal hoped that he would be back in the Flushing Meadows next year.

Nadal’s playing style is a bit different and it puts a lot of pressure on his knees. He has been struggling with his knee since the last year, but, he kept playing with the injury. As a result, the injury has got more severe and now, he is missing one tournament after the other. According to Nadal, probably, he would be able to make a comeback towards the end of the year.

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