24 thoughts on “Roger Federer & Rafa Nadal tribute !! Best moments !!

  1. always cheaters in the game. always fake of time-out.´╗┐ always ugly gamesmanship. always fake take time. always exaggerated. always overaction to mad. always fake injury. Illegal coaching. exceding time limit between serves. etc.

    annoying. arrogant. overrated. arrogant fan. sucks Nadal

  2. Nadal said. ” to watch a Pete Sampras versus Goran Ivanisevic match. or one between those kind of players, is not enjoyable. It’s not really tennis. it is a few swings of the racquet.

    It was less eye-catching than what we´╗┐ do now. everyone enjoys the´╗┐´╗┐ tennis we play much more. I am not saying we are playing better tennis. just more enjoyable tennis. For me in the past it was just serve. serve. serve. ” Nadal always looks down past players. Arrogant Nadal.

  3. Right now Nadal is better but Federer is greater. Nadal may have the better of the´╗┐ h2h but Fed has more GS, more GS finals, SF and consecutively. He spent more time as No1, just a week off Sampras. He is the only man in his age group still threatening for GS battling with people 5+ years younger, in the prime of their careers. Ludicrous talent.

  4. How lucky we are to live in this era where the best two players of all time, with very different styles and personalities have created the greatest rivalry ever for us to enjoy!
    Warrior vs. Gentleman, force vs. technique, heart vs. elegance, they are like two forces of nature destined to face each other.´╗┐
    Thanks for the great video.
    My favorite is Nadal, but I admire Roger almost as much. Any GS final between the two is a dream come true.

  5. Lo que a mucha gente le jode es que Federer sea mas elegante y Nadal con su tenis de fuerza y garra le gane, pues yo creo que solo Nadal puede ganar al mejor Federer y solo Federer puede ganar al mejor´╗┐ Nadal

  6. Federer most succesful player of all time .. but Nadal is my favourite!! World number 1 and he is only 25 years´╗┐ old … Nadal is on fire at the moment.

  7. Hey all! I personally love Federer more, but i believe in the open era we’ll see everyone trying to play like Nadal as his game is the one´╗┐ to follow now. Both great players, fortunate that tennis have greats like them that actually are humble both in tennis and life! PEACE OUT!!

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