21 thoughts on “Prince Tour 100 16×18 (David Ferrer) Racquet Review

  1. This sounds very interesting to me. I don’t know if it’s primarily from my
    current racquet (Head GRP), or due to the fact that I’ve been playing too
    consistently to give my sore tendons time to heal, but I’m willing to give
    a racquet like the Prince Tour a spin. I’ve also been stringing with the
    Lux 4G @ 52 lbs for the past year or so, is there a particular string or
    type of string that would be recommended with this racquet and at what
    tension? Thanks.

  2. tension which recommends Luxilon Big Banger for Original Gauge: 16 / 1.30mm
    String ( like control)

  3. Hi there. Great reviewing and testing in general. Keep up the good work!
    What do you think of this racket compared with the Radical Pro? I tested
    this one and i loved its soft feeling, its swinging and its spinning effect
    especially on running forehands, but i lacked of power. I have also read
    great comments on the Radical. What is your opinion? 

  4. during IPTL, I saw santoro using this version. am I right or wrong?

  5. Graphene Instinct MP comparison Prince Tour 100 16×18 (David Ferrer) which
    would be more comfortable

  6. Hey Andy,

    I have played with Volkl V-Torque (1.23) in my Prince Tour 95. I’ve put it
    at 49/47 lbs. Two weeks ago I replaced Tour 95 with Tour 100 (16×18) for
    better spin and forgiveness. What tension do you recommend in this case?
    (propably higher, how much?)

    Thanks in advice

  7. hey Andy,
    im a big fan of this predecessor exo3 version.

    really nice spin potential, which is my favorite strength
    but when i need to flatten out the ball for a winner it makes me a little

    im definitely satisfied with exo3 Tour100 without flat hits.
    hows the new version? or is there any other stick you wanna recommend to me?
    i’d like to bash the balls on the baseline

  8. I haven’t looked at all the racquet reviews but this scored a 92 on
    comfort. But is this the most comfortable racquet? :)

  9. hey, i am a proud owner of the predecessor, and my hand has outgrown the
    racquet. how does it play in comparison to the 2014 version, is it more
    stable or manueverable at net? 

  10. Views on this vs the Prince Pro Tour 100 Andy/Chris (or anyone else for
    that matter)?

  11. Hi TW how does this compare to the new yonex ezone ai 100, the babolat pure
    drive and the babolat aeropro drive? I’m looking for a bit of pop with good
    spin and control, thanks

  12. Would this be easier on the elbow than the 18×20 version? What are the
    differences between this and the 18×20?

  13. Will there be a review of the ESP version? I was also wondering, when I buy
    a racquet (Europe) will the stringing tool be included? The boomerang tool?
    Thanks :)

  14. How would this compare to V1 Volkl Pro ? and is it similar feel ? 

  15. A team version of the new Tour model is what I was thinking! Sorry.
    I have a doughter playing and we are about to try the arm friendly exo 3
    team. But maybe we should wait for a Tour team? 16-18 295 grams? Now she is
    playing with 270 g babolat pure drive lite. It’s to stiff. She just started
    playing with polyester strings so I’m looking for a armfriendly and more
    havy racket for her.


  16. Hi and thank you fore all the grate revews!
    Do you know if Prince is releasing a team version of the exo 3? 

  17. Great review! I have a question about the grip size (never used prince
    racquet before). Is it comparable with wilson BLX prostaff 90? Or, is it
    significantly smaller or larger?

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