Fernando Verdasco’s Small Achievements Have Brought Him Great Success

From the moment Fernando Verdasco walked into a tennis court, his father knew and had the confidence that his son was going to be a star. This Spanish boy was born on the 15th of November in the year 1983 in a place called Madrid located in Spain. He started playing this sport from the age of four years and his best friend, his father practiced along with him, giving him all the basic training in the two hard courts which was located in their resident’s backyard. By the age of eleven he dropped out of school and seeing his deep interest in tennis, his father put him under the guidance of an academy.

Fernando Verdasco did not belong to a rich background. His parents Olga and Jose were simple people who owned and ran a simple restaurant for their living in Madrid itself. Their ancestors belong to Latin American community. Verdasco had a very small family with two siblings; both the sisters are younger to him by the name Ana and Sara. In his childhood he was detected with the symptoms of ADHD and his diagnosis reports confirmed positive, yet he did not undergo any kind of treatment as their was no scene of any sort of drug addiction.

Verdasco was a master of the hard court, and he is an offensive baseline who cans adjust himself on nearly every surface or ground and be comfortable. All his life he has been a left-handed player who focuses on the slice shot that enhances the spins of the ball, which many a times exceeds the speed of 230km/hour.Even then he considers forehand to be his strongest move. Maximum top spins have been served by him to his rival Rafael Nadal. Verdasco somehow regrets the fact that he loses control over his nerves when he faces some of the top rankers of the world.

At present Fernando Verdasco is ranking on the twenty second position in the world and won the title for the Davis Cup twice in the year 2008 and 2009. One of his best performances was witnessed when he made it to the semi-finals of the 2009 Australian Open. Here he had to again face the best in the industry Rafael Nadal and played against him in five sets. It was the longest match in the history of Australian tennis, and though Verdasco did not make it to the finals, yet he earned a lot of respect and popularity.

Fernando Verdasco was first declared a professional in the year 2001, when he occupied the four hundred and sixty fourth positions in the world rank. The year 2002 treated him well, where he achieved his first Futures Category title when he played in Spain F1. Following that he made till Spain F3, where he became the runner up. He never gave up; he kept playing and achieving small targets. He made it to the finals in Segovia and in the semi-finals in Eckental and Kiev. Very soon he made it to the top two hundred tennis players of the world ranking in the hundred and seventy third position.

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