David Ferrer’s Rise to Success Wasn’t an Easy Climb

Born on 2nd of April in the year 1982 in Xabia, Alicante, Spain was another tennis star that the world has witnessed by the name David Ferrer. This professional tennis player occupies the second rank after Rafael Nadal in the world and is currently holding the sixth position in ATP rankings. With a handful of failures David Ferrer has worked his way through great success and is now known to all the nations. Though he is a specialist of the clay courts yet the world has witnessed him to meet achievements on hard courts as well. David Ferrer was declared as the runner up at the Tennis Master’s Cup in the year 2007.

He had also appeared for the semi-finals of US Open in the year 2007 and in the Australia Open in the year 2008.The tennis star from Spain David Ferrer there on kept meeting successes more often. One that cannot be ignored is the Spain Davis Cup Team, of which he was a part and had won the finals in both the years 2008 and 2009. He had reached his first top-10 ranking in the year 2006, where he occupied the fourth rank and this was a major boost to his career. So in other words he was ranking within the top five of the world tennis players.

At the age of thirteen years David Ferrer moved to Gandia from his home town and then after two years moved to Barcelona which was the actual turning point of his career. He attended the Catalan Tennis Federation there and then spent the following nine months at Juan Carlos Ferrero’s Academy which was in Villena. For sometime he practiced in Denia and then finally headed back to his home town Xabia. Till the present he is holding a record of winning six titles in the International Series and International Series Gold that on both hard as well as clay courts.

As per David Ferrer, his couching days is a bit of a funny story. He was couched by Javier Piles who was famously known to ball up and lock his students in a dark closest which was of the size 2m x 2m only. This treatment was given to them when the students according to the couch Piles used to be goofing around instead of practicing hard. Davis Ferrer has claimed that he has often spent time locked in that closest. By the age of seventeen he started finding this treatment a torture and was fed up with tennis.

He dropped out of his club and went to work at a construction site. Within a week he regained his sense and went back to the club requesting couch Piles to allow him to join back the club and start playing tennis. Since then till the present day of 2011, David Ferrer is still being couched by Javier Piles. Ferrer was first claimed as a professional in the year 2000; he finished as a runner up in Spain F1, and won the Spain F3 and Poland F1 and ranked World’s No. 419.

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