Rafael Nadal Has Been Charming the World since Childhood

When we talk about the Tennis players all over the world, a long with few of the greatest that the world has witnessed, Rafael Nadal is definitely a part of the great big picture. Born in Spain on the #rd of June in the year 1986, this twenty three year old was first ranked as World’s No. 1 tennis player, but in due time he was declared to rank in the second position by the Association of Tennis Professionals on the 4th of July 2011. Since then the biggest threat to the hearty player was Rodger Federer and he has been really working hard to meet his goal.

Rafael Nadal was a son to a businessman who owned a restaurant and a company of dealing with glass and window glass in Manacor, Majorca Spain, where he was born. His mother was a housewife and had a younger sister too. He had two uncles and both were sportsman, one was a former footballer and the other was a tennis player. Seeing that Rafael Nadal had a natural flair for tennis, his uncle Toni Nadal (former tennis player) introduced him to the sport when he was only three years old. This was the first step to his foundation which has supported him to build a successful career in the same field.
Nadal’s first greatest achievement in his career was when he won the regional tennis championship for under-12 age group, at the age of eight years, but at the same time his love for football still hadn’t faded away. From here on Toni Nadal took the initiative in motivating Rafael to play left-handed, which was going to act like an added bonus in the future.

By the age of 15 years, Rafael grew in to the world’s most promising junior tennis player. He proved this by entering in to the professional ranks at that young age.

In the year 2002 still being below 16years Rafael defeated Ramon Delgado in his first ATP match, which became a historic event as he was the ninth player to have ever won an ATP match below the age of sixteen. The record of Rodger Federer was broken by Nadal when he became the youngest player to be ever ranked among the top hundred male tennis players. Within a matter of few years Nadal went way ahead of the star player Andy Roddick and was just behind of Rodger Federer by one step.

Rafael Nadal throughout his life was deeply engrossed into tennis. He put his hard work and dedication to make his passion his profession and return have touched great success. In the present times Nadal is considered to be equal to Federer. Throughout Nadal’s passionate career, he titled as ‘The King of Clay ‘. Defeating rivals on clay courts including Rodger Federer was like Rafael Nadal’s habit. Another great achievement of Rafael’s was winning the gold medal in the Olympics in the year 2008 for men’s singles and held that title for a year.

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