12 thoughts on “HQ) Rafael Nadal vs Fernando Verdasco Australian Open 2009 SF FULL MATCH

  1. Why am I watching this nearly 5 years on? Apart from the fact Nando looked
    sexier with the spiky hair then.

  2. 5 hours and 18 minutes of explosive tennis and Rafa managed to play another
    tough 5 setter in the final and win, no wonder his knees got badly inflamed
    that year.

  3. top 12 matches since 2000 12.nadal vs federer rome 2006 11.gasquet vs
    roddick wimbledon 2007 10.tipsarevic vs federer ao 2008 9.federer vs
    roddick wimbledon 2009 8.murray vs nadal atp finals 2010 7.djokovic vs
    nadal madrid 2009 .6.djokovic vs federer us open 2010 5.nadal vs coria rome
    final 4.djokovic vs wawrinka ao 2013 3.federer vs safin ao 2005 / federer
    vs nadal 2009 ao 2.nadal vs verdasco ao 2009 1.nadal vs federer wimbledon
    2008 do you agree

  4. For me Nadal-Verdasco was best AO match, the 2009 final second best. 2012
    final wasn’t that good, not so beautiful tennis.

  5. this was such high quality tennis.. 2nd best AO match after Rafa-Nole final
    2012. that was heart breaker..but Nole played great in the final set..Hope
    to see Rafa winning AO next year.. Vamos

  6. The best match of 2009, that includes the final against Fed. I hope Fer can
    find this form again some day.

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