7 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal Press conference after Australian Open 2014

  1. you are a true champion Rafa and always will be – you came back for the
    crowd without caring about ur injury.

  2. Halo! how very glad and relieved is Federer when Rafa, not only din’t get 1
    more slam, but most of all, din’t get the modern record of winnin all 4
    seasons twice, especially after Rafa clobbered him in the semis, which
    would have further made Rafa the greatest out there in terms of the quality
    of his slams and not Fed’s quantity?? Put yourself in Fed’s place as a
    pigeon, and don’t you believe that deep within him, he got feelings of
    resentment towards Rafal out there??

  3. Remember he was getting clobbered out there for a set and a half before he
    had back problems, then he was moving again in fourth set after off putting
    n playing pscho games with stans mind.
    once stan played the same way, he had noexcuse for this drama.and then
    tried to show respectbylosing gallantly

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