11 thoughts on “Steffi Graf vs Arantxa Sanchez Vicario RG96 – 22 of 24

  1. Is someone frying bacon during this match? what is with the audio?

    Glad to see Steffi win this match. As spunky and energetic as Aranxta was, I really think Steffi and Monica would have dominated women’s tennis together in the years following the tragic Seles stabbing. Aranxta was a great player, but Monica and Steffi in a league of their own.

  2. hardly a demolision when it went to three sets

    i would have expected a demolision when venus played Graf when she was 14 and graf won 6-4 6-4, even that wasnt a drubbing.

  3. Steffi Graf’s greatest match was not that against Seles, Navratilova, Evert or Hingis.

    It was the QF match at Wimbledon 1999 when a hamstring-injured Steffi Graf demolished spring-chicken Venus Williams who serve-and-volleyed effectively that day.

    An old woman beating a powerful teenager to a pulp. Steffi Graf is the greatest woman tennis player of all time!

  4. what then roshas you should be glad he has uploaded this much…. dont behave reprimandish .. you are not doing no favour on him …

    thanks yevshif

  5. I have the whole match on video but am a bit thick and don’t have the equipment to do it. I also have the whole match of RG95 final and a most Wimbledon matches played by graf from ’95 & 96. I don’t even watch videos myself now!!

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