25 thoughts on “Top Tennis Shot by Rafael Nadal vs Djokovic Madrid Master Final 2011

  1. Who’s not the number one? Who’s not the number one? Who’s not the number one?

    el numero dos cuco cuco !!! 😉

  2. haha u have to give it to novak for atleast applauding nadals effort 🙂 good sportsmanshop

  3. that was the worst tweener …roger federer is the one that makes good tweener he won alot of people with topspin and straight ball tweener because a lob tweener looks very bad looks like he was tryin to hit his own balls

  4. @SHlTTER Actually there are a bunch of cool-looking shots in tennis. However, to the average viewer who doesn’t follow or play tennis, many (and I mean MANY) of them will appear to be normal, average, unspectacular shots, which is why the Tweener is so popular because it’s flashy to basically anyone.

  5. “Shot of the year shot the century”, WOW comentator realy liked that shot .

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