Rafael Nadal being Best Player to Team up

Who would say no to the proposition of teaming up with Rafael Nadal?

It would be a dream for anyone to team up with him, but, playing with such a big player comes with disadvantages as well apart from the advantages, ask Garbine Muguruza who is set to partner the Spanish legend in the coming Olympic Games.

According to Muguruza, having Nadal on the same side of the court is obviously an advantage as he imparts a lot of advices and whenever he talks, you listen carefully because all his points are reasonable.

But, when someone like him is your partner, all the credit of winning a match will go to him. Even if you have contributed as much as him in a win, you would be overshadowed and your contribution would not get its due mention.

However, on the other hand, in case of a loss, he would not be the villain and the blame would come on you. Even if it was a collective poor performance, it would be said that because of having a weak partner, Nadal had to end up on the losing side.

Muguruza is appearing in all the categories of Lawn Tennis in Olympic Games and so, her schedule is jam packed and she is a touch unhappy with that and is of the view that the Olympic Games should take place in a longer span of time and not in a span of just 7 days because it gets the players overloaded with matches.

The 23-year old complains that if a player keeps winning in all the categories, there might be a situation where he or she has three games lined up on the same day which is incredibly difficult for any player to handle.