25 thoughts on “How to Pick Up the Tennis Ball like Rafael Nadal (Tutorial / Lesson) in HD

  1. I don’t know. You make it look easy. I tried it and only got frustrated
    with it. Got any tweener instructional videos? ο»Ώ

  2. I get exactly the same thing – been happening for the last month or so. I
    dunno if it’s nerves or what but I drastically slow my racket head speed
    down that leads to me spraying balls miles out or into the net. Try
    rallying half court to get the timing and feel right, then slowly move back
    towards the baseline when you’re more comfortable. It’s improving for now,
    I stopped trying to just push it over and apply a good amount of topspin
    and it’s paying off.

  3. Awesome trick Tae! Thanks for the tip on how to perform this trick. Now I
    just need to practice it πŸ˜‰

  4. Grat video What yonex have you changed to and have you changed your string
    or your tension

  5. can you please help me out with a problem.sometimes when i get on the
    courts and in my first 10-30 min i have a shaky wrist that rotates a bit
    whenever i hit a forehand. i don’t understand. i tried to relax my
    hand,tighten it on the impact of the ball and still on good, only in about
    30 min i completely goes away only to come back the next day at the
    beginning again.it’s some kind of synchronization process i won’t to leave
    behind so i can hit forehand good right away without looking like an ass

  6. it takes practice like everything. you put too much pressure when your
    right foot is on the ball which makes it spring to the right when you let
    it go. try to use les pressure and after letting go put your right foot
    under the ball and lifting the left foot to kick it up. yet again, practice
    makes perfect πŸ™‚

  7. when I try do get my right foot to return the ball the ball keep spining to
    the right and it’s not going to the left foot πŸ™

  8. this is so cool. I would look like a professional tennis player during my
    feeding the ball on rally and picking up of the tennis ball. that leaves me
    my forehand, backhand, and serve to work on.lol

  9. I love your video’s that are like this! Very important to not only play
    like a pro, but also to look like a pro πŸ˜›

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