Rafael goes through Appendix surgery a month later than he should of

Yesterday, in Barcelona, Rafael Nadal went through his appendix surgery which he should probably have gone through a month ago.

The Spaniard tried to play through the pain in a couple of tournaments, but, he suffered early losses and eventually, he had to make the call of withdrawing himself from the circuit till the end of the season.

His surgery is said to have been done quite successfully and in a couple of days’ time, he will be discharged from the hospital which he is currently in.

Nadal’s representative was quoted as saying, “The surgery was alright. Rafa is not feeling any sort of difficulty. He is quite comfortable. If nothing wrong happens in the next 36 hours, he would be at home the day after tomorrow.”

“He himself would also address the media once he is able to be out of bed.”

Nadal is hoping to make a comeback in the circuit at the start of next year. Qatar Open is the tournament which he is believed to be targeting.

Qatar Open will take place in Doha in the first week of January 2015.

Nadal was pretty calm ahead of the surgery. He even posted a short message on a social networking site thanking the people who were concerned about his health.

That message read, “Many thanks to you guys for showing your concern. All set to go to the surgery room.”

This is not such a major surgery. So, recovering from it should not be that hard for Nadal. According to the doctors, towards the end of this month, he might start to run a little bit and also have a few hits on the court.

Nadal is no. 3 in the world rankings at this point of time.