17 thoughts on “Monica Seles vs A.Sanchez-Vicario 1996 Tokyo Highlights

  1. Pam Shriver may be the only pro player to have an uglier forehand than ASV. I agree with the others, her game is boring. 95% of it is just running shit down to pester people.

  2. asv was not boring. seles was boring. could not put a volley away if she tried. one dimensional baseline basher. couldnt run to save her life. emotionless on the court most of the time. squealed like a pig. ASV – amazing volleyer, dropshots lobs great backhand. amzing smash!!! have you watched her play???? not to mention her fitness. where don the ooohs and ahhhs come from with crowd?? Arantxas amazing gets, thats where!!

  3. Graf was often bothered by high balls with a lot of spin, especially if she having an off day. It’s also the reason why she also had trouble with Sabatini.

  4. You boring.Arancha was the most talented player on clay ever. She had a great backhand and the most strategic defensive intelligent play . And had something more important that you may not know , what we spaniards call ” garra” very important in sports and competition. That is why Graf and seles had problems defeating Sanchez and sometimes where defeated .Arancha was number 1 of the world. 29 Individual titles, 4 grand slams, 48 finals, 68 double titles. 4 gold medals. 5 fed cup titles

  5. I always felt something was off with Monica the entire 1996 season. She just didn’t seem to be that confident and she never really played that aggressively. Of course that shoulder injury didn’t help! 🙁

  6. Yes, I really agree with you. ASV was the most boring of all. I even wondered why she was in the final during 90’s a lot and always in top 5 and even at no. 1 spot for a shot period. If Graf and Seles were always in top form, being no. 1 was just in her dream.

  7. Well – In 23 matches , 10 went to 3 sets so it wasn’t always a breeze for Monica and Vicario did beat her a few times, including her final French Open win

  8. Sanchez was so boring. No power. Glad to see Seles destroy her the way Hingis also did and the way great players should. Surprising Graf always had so much trouble with Sanchez Vicario.

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