25 thoughts on “Tennis player hits ball at crying baby

  1. tennis players are pussies.. oh yeah a little noise I can’t concentrate on hitting a STATIONARY ball because I am a pussy! I should try hitting a baseball coming at me 90 mph with 80,000 people talking and shouting

  2. Typical parent with the; “I have THE greatest baby in the world, so EVERYONE should know and appreciate this!” attitude.

    I applaud Ferrer’s actions, and I’m sure it was directed at the STUPID PARENTS, as the baby hasn’t a clue (with the parent’s obviously barely having one, themselves).

    It amazes me how stupid people get when they have a kid. I see it time after time; People who had a brain suddenly become annoyingly stupid.

  3. Are these reporters retarded? Lobbing a ball up into the stands is a warning at worst.

    Anyways, you should never bring infants to a tennis match… Unless it’s the USO, where the environment is naturally loud.

  4. ferrer should have complain to the umpire but hitting the ball isnt completely out of the line. Its just his way of showing what is distracting him. His cultural stance clearly is different from ours. Its like this broadcaster completely neglect the fact he is a spanish player and there is more tolerance for his action in spain than in US

  5. But he didn’t hit the baby, so what is everyone carrying on about?! lol
    Clearly these commentators are under-estimating the skill & precision of these professional athletes. If Ferrer really wanted to hit the baby, he would have! It was nothing than a warning to STFU! Talk about making something out of nothing.

  6. “This does NOT EXCUSE Ferrer’s actions in the LEAST”… LMAO! (What “actions”? Lobbing a f***ing ball into the stands? That a mild way to express frustration to say the least! ^^)

  7. Those morons (commenters) clearly have never ever commented nor watched a tennis game before in their lives !!!!!!!!!! Totally exagerated Ferrer’s attitude. He’s a gentleman. He did throw the ball (very slowly I must add) to the people (not the baby) so the father could “wake up” and shut the baby …. that’s it

  8. a lot of these people don’t really know the game of tennis (not you guys, i meant the people who commented in the video) im a tennis player

  9. I have absolutely no idea why people think it is a good idea to bring babies to the tennis. There’s this new invention called a babysitter or even child care. The babies are all crying because they don’t want to be there. If you can’t afford or find a babysitter don’t go to the tennis. Very, very simple answer. If you asked me for 100 different places I could think of to take a baby for the day the tennis would not be one!

  10. David is one of the most nicest, humble, and giving man. He had no intention at all to hit the baby , he was not even thinking of the baby!. These news reporters and this whole news story is crap. VAMOS FERRER

  11. This news story is very stupid and dum, especially the title. David had no intention of hitting the ball to where the baby was crying. These 3 news reporters know nothing of David and tennis. David is a very humble and giving man who would never hit the baby, he just randomly hit the ball in the air. This news makes a report out of nothing at all.

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