25 thoughts on “Tennis Warehouse | Interview: Fernando Verdasco

  1. Man, he’s much more muscular now. The training with Gil Rayes really helped him 😀

  2. i don’t like that interviewer at all, he seems very bland and cold, it’s like he’s just “there”…LOVE VERDASCO! he’s accent is adorable :3

  3. this guy is my favorite tennis player, but the only thing that i dont like about him, is he right now is in the top ten. he is ranked 8 in the world, the only things is he loses to people that have a really low ranking. for example he lost to benjamin becker who is ranked 88 in the world. verdasco should have killed him!

  4. sooo what does he do with all those racquets he goes through?
    he can give them to meee i wouldn’t mind ; )

  5. Of course he smiles! Just look at the interview he did after Australian Open.. He talks Spanish though 😛 But at least you can see him smile there!

  6. damn…how nice would that be to have 5 to 8 racquets when you’re playing tennis

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