25 thoughts on “David Ferrer hitting in High Definition

  1. is it just me, or does ferrer have NO armpit hair. arent spaniards supposed to be hairy? lol

  2. @FYB2007 everything is clear. perfectly so. don’t worry about quality. half the time you can’t see the ball in the older videos.

  3. His game is ugly and doesn’t look like he can get any power with that form but some how he is number 5 in the world. The most entertaining match I’ve ever seen is Ferrer vs Verdasco though.

  4. He is number 6 in the World, which means there is ONLY 5 PLAYERS on the planet better than him at the moment. And whoever criticizes him here-isnt on of them. HE HAS A PERFECT TECHNIQUE FOR CLAY COURTS. By the way-he is in final at Monte Carlo Masters now.

  5. @acies92 he was trying to apply topspin to his slice serve. it does extend fully but only at the end for a split second.

  6. All of you guys saying bad things about his style – it all has one reason. Dont get me wrong, but most of english-speaking people are from UK, USA, Australia. Majority there is being played on GRASS, HARD COURTS. David Ferrer style best suits CLAY surface. Thats why You CAN’T undestand why is it to use technique without extending the arms fully, but rotating the ball instead up to maximum. The game is different, You need to run more, and not make any mistakes, its NOT ABOUT ONE SHOT ON CLAY!!!

  7. @acies92 i see what you’re saying. I think his motion has always been like that. Or at least since I remember.

  8. @Kiasko youre mistaken if you think a proper top spin serve requires you to not fully extend your arm

  9. david ferrer and marat safin are polar opposites
    ferrer-no weapons/minimal talent, work horse
    safin-extreme talent, not known for effort

  10. wow! one of the shortest players in circuit and it’s so strange how low he tosses the ball ! well, he hits it low anyway…

  11. wow! one of the shortest players in circuit and it’s so strange how low he tosses the ball !

  12. @acies92 If you watch it in slow motion it will be fully extended. The follow through on the right side just makes it look like that.

  13. @lureyourkidsinvan excuse me but tommy haas has one of the best one handed backhands and certainly not ugly

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