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Toni Nadal Makes Prediction Of Bold Clay After Davis Cup Success

This is according to former coach Toni Nadal and also his uncle
After resting for two months because of the hip injury, Nadal represented Spain opposite Germany in the Davis Cup and turn our as the winner. He claimed two singles matches here against Philipp Kohlschreiber and Alexander Zverev. Next week the Nadal is set to return to the ATP at the Monte Carlo Masters. He has won 10 times here.

Federer, who is now 31-year-old, is also aware that he has to win in Barcelona, Madrid and Monte Carlo in-order to keep his world No 1 ranking with him. But according to ‘Uncle Toni’ display of Nadal in the Davis Cup bodes well. In an interview he told reporters: “I do not put Raphael a lot in training, but I am aware that he had trained a little after taking a very long break.
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Rafael goes through Appendix surgery a month later than he should of

Yesterday, in Barcelona, Rafael Nadal went through his appendix surgery which he should probably have gone through a month ago.

The Spaniard tried to play through the pain in a couple of tournaments, but, he suffered early losses and eventually, he had to make the call of withdrawing himself from the circuit till the end of the season.

His surgery is said to have been done quite successfully and in a couple of days’ time, he will be discharged from the hospital which he is currently in.

Nadal’s representative was quoted as saying, “The surgery was alright. Rafa is not feeling any sort of difficulty. He is quite comfortable. If nothing wrong happens in the next 36 hours, he would be at home the day after tomorrow.”

“He himself would also address the media once he is able to be out of bed.”

Nadal is hoping to make a comeback in the circuit at the start of next year. Qatar Open is the tournament which he is believed to be targeting.

Qatar Open will take place in Doha in the first week of January 2015.

Nadal was pretty calm ahead of the surgery. He even posted a short message on a social networking site thanking the people who were concerned about his health.

That message read, “Many thanks to you guys for showing your concern. All set to go to the surgery room.”

This is not such a major surgery. So, recovering from it should not be that hard for Nadal. According to the doctors, towards the end of this month, he might start to run a little bit and also have a few hits on the court.

Nadal is no. 3 in the world rankings at this point of time.

Usain Bolt And Serena Williams Hook Up For NBA GAme

Two of the greatest athletes of all time, Serena Williams and Usain Bolt, were in Miami the other day to watch an NBA encounter. They sat next to each other courtside and they seemed to have a fantastic time out there watching the game. Both these guys were cheering for the Miami Heat team which eventually lost, but, despite that, they thoroughly enjoyed the game, both Bolt and Serena. The big smiles on their faces during the match suggested that.

Bolt even took a selfie of him and Serena and that snap has already gone viral on the internet.

Bolt, the sprint from the Caribbean Island Jamaica, has been out of action for some time because of his leg trouble. He would not take part in the events in Paris and Czech Republic that are coming up soon.

On the other hand, Serena has kept herself out of practice in the last 10 days or so just to relax her mind a little bit. She has to travel to the United Kingdom pretty soon for the Wimbledon Championships and she wants to go there with a fresh mind. So, she has been trying to enjoy herself as much as she can these days.

At Wimbledon, there would be some pressure on Serena to perform though. She had a horrible run in Paris and she can’t afford another similar sort of outing in London. Her fans would be expecting something big from her at the All England Club.

Serena had become the victim of an upset in the Wimbledon Championships last year. She had demolished her opponents in the first three matches and was looking quite ominous before being stunned by Sabine Lisicki of Germany in the fourth round.

Serena, overall, has won the Wimbledon Championships singles title 5 times so far.

Murray Needs To Have Faith In Mauresmo

Martina Navratilova who is considered as one of the greatest tennis players of all time has said that the tuning between Andy Murray and his new coach Amelie Mauresmo would be good only if the former shows full faith in the abilities of the latter and gives her a lot of respect.

Murray has decided to work with Mauresmo for a short period of time first. After that, he would sit and assess her work and then, would make the call if he has to appoint her on a permanent basis or not.

In the past, there have not been too many instances of a male player appointing a female coach. So, it’s hard to predict if Murray-Mauresmo partnership is going to be successful or not, but, one thing is for sure that both these personalities are brilliant professionals and thus, would try to give it their best shot.

Mauresmo has already helped a couple of players work on the weak aspects of their game and those players were benefitted a lot from that. Marion Bartoli’s name is the one in that list. She had spent a bit of time with Mauresmo before the Wimbledon Championships last year and ended up winning it. So, the 34 year old Frenchwoman has a bit of a good reputation as coach.

Talking about the chances of Murray achieving success under the guidance of Mauresmo, Navratilova said, “That will happen only if Andy shows trust in Amelie and listens to her.”

“Also, you can’t look towards your coach for an answer for every bad thing that happens to you on the court. Andy had the tendency to do that some time back. But, with Ivan, he was completely different and he needs to be the same with Amelie as well.”


Despite suffering a shocking defeating in only his second match at Indian Wells, Rafael Nadal has not left the venue. He is still in the Californian desert training and getting himself ready for his next assignment which is the Sony Open.

On the social networking site Facebook yesterday, the Spaniard uploaded a snap of him putting in some hard yards on the practice court. With that snap, he wrote “In Indian Wells, Gearing up for the Sony Open.”

The Sony Open is also going to take place on the hard courts. So, it might not be such a bad idea for Nadal to stay at Indian Wells and train.

Nadal hasn’t had a fruitful 2014 till this point of time. He had actually started well and was looking good in the Australian Open, but, in the final match there, Stanislas Wawrinka, the Swiss player, defeated him against all the odds and that’s what broke his rhythm completely.

In the tournaments that he has played thereafter, Nadal hasn’t appeared to be in rhythm at all. It’s not that he hasn’t won matches. He has won them. He has even won a title in Brazil, but, that fluency has not been there in his game.

However, Nadal is still at the top of the world rankings, but, not by a big margin. His arch rival Novak Djokovic is breathing down his neck. So, it’s very important for the Spaniard to play well in the Sony Open and at least reach the title round.

Sony Open will start from next Monday and will continue till the 30th of this month. Nadal, quite obviously, has been given the top seed in the tournament. The second and the third seeds are Djokovic and Stanislas Wawrinka respectively.


The former English player, Wally Masur, reckons that it’s Rafael Nadal who will be the favourite to go all the way in the first Grand Slam of the next season i.e. the Australian Open.

Nadal was the most consistent player on the tour in the last season. He lifted a lot of trophies during the season and at the end of the season, he was at the top of the world rankings.

Novak Djokovic’s performance in the season was alright too, but, towards the end of the season, his form deteriorated a bit and he moved down in the world rankings. Soon after that, his coach quit as well and he had to appoint a new coach.

According to Masur, the new coach brings fresh energy and that can be very helpful for a player at times, but, still, if one has to pick the favourite, it has to be Nadal.

When asked which male player will go into the Australian Open as favourite, Masur said, “There is nothing different this time around. It’s again the top 4 guys who will be quite difficult to beat. As far as the favourite is concerned, I think its Rafa. Novak is also a world class player. He has just appointed a new head coach and that can actually be quite good for him, but, still, if I have to take one name, I would say Rafa.”

“Novak is very strong on hard courts. His best performances in the last few years have come on those kinds of surfaces. But, his problem is that he has not managed to be as consistent as he should be.”

Djokovic is currently at the second position in the World rankings. He had won the Australian Open in the last season.