Murray Needs To Have Faith In Mauresmo

Martina Navratilova who is considered as one of the greatest tennis players of all time has said that the tuning between Andy Murray and his new coach Amelie Mauresmo would be good only if the former shows full faith in the abilities of the latter and gives her a lot of respect.

Murray has decided to work with Mauresmo for a short period of time first. After that, he would sit and assess her work and then, would make the call if he has to appoint her on a permanent basis or not.

In the past, there have not been too many instances of a male player appointing a female coach. So, it’s hard to predict if Murray-Mauresmo partnership is going to be successful or not, but, one thing is for sure that both these personalities are brilliant professionals and thus, would try to give it their best shot.

Mauresmo has already helped a couple of players work on the weak aspects of their game and those players were benefitted a lot from that. Marion Bartoli’s name is the one in that list. She had spent a bit of time with Mauresmo before the Wimbledon Championships last year and ended up winning it. So, the 34 year old Frenchwoman has a bit of a good reputation as coach.

Talking about the chances of Murray achieving success under the guidance of Mauresmo, Navratilova said, “That will happen only if Andy shows trust in Amelie and listens to her.”

“Also, you can’t look towards your coach for an answer for every bad thing that happens to you on the court. Andy had the tendency to do that some time back. But, with Ivan, he was completely different and he needs to be the same with Amelie as well.”