25 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal – Best Player 2013 [HD]

  1. Lost a lot of respect for Nadal after what he just did at the Aus Open.
    Faking that back injury after he realized Wawrinka was crushing him…that
    was a shitty move.

  2. Rafael Nadal: Beat player 2013
    Novak Djokovic: Best player 2011
    Roger Federer: Best player of all time.

  3. If Nadal can improve on his serve, then he will become unbeatable and more
    of a threat to Novak. I would love to see Nadal win Australian Open
    ,Wimbledon, Miami, and Year end Championship 2014. 

  4. I find it interesting this video doesn’t include RG matches since he’s the
    king of clay

  5. WOW WOW WOW !! Is he just not AWESOME … I have yet seen an awesome
    athlete like RAFA……. Exciting to watch and a true legend to the game.

  6. i don’t think its fair to have the skill nadal has. HE IS

  7. This man hits the ball like nobody else I’ve ever seen. Simply

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