23 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal – The Tennis God HD

  1. youtube.com/watch?v=i_BNTPF4mo­Q&feature=c4-overview&playnext­=1&list=TLYuDZja5OCwE THE BEST POINTS OF NADAL

  2. nadal might be a tennis god, but federer is THE GOD of tennis, federer is tennis, thumbs up

  3. srsly?? that’s how you decide who is a God of tennis? Federer is the most successful but not the best… be aware of that when you say that he is the GOAT

  4. Also there was one guy called Roy Emmerson with 12 GS but he could beat him 12 times while Pancho was 41. Pancho was in top 10 for 21 years. Really search him.

  5. Well Pancho Gonzalez was forbidden to go there (GS) as a pro. Pancho had 2 GS and 15 Pro slams. He was 8 years on the top. (I think for 6 consecutive years. He played He had one handed single backhand as well, better serve, more of a fighting spirit (at least legend say that). Also Pancho was playing in the golden age of thennis. Some would let him play for his life or for the existence of human kind according to wikipedia. So when Roger is a God, Pancho is god of the gods like ZEUS.

  6. Federer is God of tennis cause he has the most grandslams + amazing single handed backhand

  7. None. Pancho, Rod and Bill were better than anyone. Roger is the modern God of Grass and Hard but Rafa is God of Clay.

  8. I cant agree with you more, Federer is the tennis god even over 100 years.
    But when Federer was in his prime, the only one who had a chance against him was Nadal while he was only 19 or 20 years old.
    Few years ago you didnt had to watch a whole grand slam till the finals, because you knew before it started the final would be Federer vs Nadal
    That made me a Nadal fan 🙂

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