24 thoughts on “Fernando Verdasco hitting in High Definition

  1. lol all of what you said could be boxing as well its not at all lol why does everyone say that the sport they play is the most demanding i play tennis for a club and have entered several tournaments, i have also sparred week in week out at my boxing gym, they dont even compare boxing is just ridicolously hard in terms of everything mostly fitness you have to be more fit than a tennis player i would say by far although im not saying tennis players arent fit

  2. Clearly not. Ljubicic uses the Head Youtek Extreme which yellow. Also, his strokes look completely different than this person’s; who doesn’t even have a one-hander.

  3. No he’s the guy with one of the the best-looking and most effective FHs in the game who was in the top 10 and made the semis of the AO in ’09; pushing tournament-end Champ Nadal to 6-4 in the 5th. He’s also a DC hero and a very talented player. Let’s stick to tennis facts and stay away from pointless rumours.

  4. many other sports have those requirements. What makes tennis demanding is the fact that you are alone. Tennis is most comparable to golf, MMA, and boxing but even in those two sports you have caddy/coaches. In

  5. The bald guy Verdasco is hitting with is Melle van Gemerden of the Netherlands. He used to be a top 100 pro. He got caugh using Cannabis and was suspended for it for a few months in 2005. BTW, he has a weird grip and take back on his forehand. Very extreme grip, IMO.

  6. No, there are many more sports that are more demanding than tennis. You are right about tennis being demanding, but there are more demanding sports.

  7. Tennis takes amazing skill and physical ability…but the most physically demanding sport of all? In terms of physically demanding I can think of a lot of sports/activities tougher than tennis.

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