25 thoughts on “Australian Open Mens Final 2012 HD- Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

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  2. I’ve played the all and to me tennis is the most difficult because the amount of stamina and mental fortitude (since you are playing alone!) it takes to win a match far less a championship is more taxing than any other sport. No teammate to depend on, no one to catch the slack except yourself. 60% psychological 40% physical, if you are a mental midget, tennis is not for you,

  3. @ProgressingDownward i couldn’t agree more i am so sick of people saying tennis is just hitting a ball over a net. i come from a country where rugby is almost like the only sport. to that i say WAKE UP IDIOTS AND RELISE THAT TENNIS IS THE MOST HARD SPORT TO MASTER AND ITS NOT EASY.

  4. @iGo0ch it’s not a tennis thing, it’s not a basketball thing jumping on the player that hits a game winner, or a pile up in hockey over a huge win… it’s excitement and happiness from winning retard

  5. @SuperEDUARD1988 We get the point already, you love Djokovic. One comment on that is enough, I actually want to see comments worth reading in the comment section.

  6. @hugoman4life

    Novak Djokovic IS ‘The World Sportsman of the Year 2011’. Award presented to him by Laureus Sport Academy. Can’t get more official for the best athlete in the world.

    Anyway, he still have a point even in plural forms. Serbia national teams and individual athletes won many Europe, World and Olympics trophies through·out history. The list would be too long to make in comment. A remarkable achievement for a country of 7 mil. people and low funding for sport in general. SPORT HEART

  7. pra que comemorar assim em 2:37? é por essas e outras q não suporto o nadal.. pegando um baita COURO e querendo comemorar na cara do adversário… PARABÉNS DJOKOVIC por ter aplicado nesse mané uma das derrotas mais saborosas da história

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