8 thoughts on “Steffi Graf vs Arantxa Sanchez Vicario RG96 – 2 of 24

  1. @MrGapbanana
    What the heck is “roaring”????? And no, Seles wasn’t the same player after her TRAUMATIC stabbing by a Graf fan, especially since the stabbing itself happened on a tennis court and the assailant was only given a slap on the wrist by the German courts. I wouldn’t have been surprised if flashbacks of the attack continued to haunt Seles when she stepped on court or sat for changeovers during her return. When was Graf ever off the court for 15 months during her career?

  2. @MrGapbanana
    More importantly, Seles had a 2-1 record against Graf in grandslams where it most counts from 1991 to 1993. Seles was the undisputed number 1 during the same period, winning 7 of the last 8 grandslams she played. All this when Seles was only 19 when she was stabbed by a Graf fan. When Seles beat Graf at the 1993 AO, was Graf injured or dealing with her daddy scandals still? Then, suddenly Graf wins all 4 subsequent slams? Why? Cos Seles was no longer around.

  3. @juancarlos772652
    If Graf could respond to Navratilova and other ladies to forbid roaring torture in WTA, Seles would be nothing at all. Did you see how Seles played with Hingis in Oakland 1996? As No.1, winning AustraliaOpen (when Graf was off), USOpen final, lost ugly to 16yo Hingis 2:6,0:6. Don’t tell me she still had mental trauma. The reason is young generation was used to roaring and got stronger, but why could Graf still beat young generation top players, after off the court for 15mo?

  4. @juancarlos772652
    Graf didn’t hold No.1, didn’t mean she couldn’t beat Seles. just like between Federer and Nadal. Everybody has the valley in the career, but Graf’s valley is not from Seles, but from her trouble maker Daddy, her injuries.1990-1993 Sabatini is her biggest opponent, not Seles, her most loss to other ladies are from this period. She still holds 6-4 to Seles at this time and leads 3-2 in 1991-1993 when Seles was No.1.

  5. @77gussy
    Sorry, I have to disagree. Graf couldn’t wrest control of the number 1 ranking from Seles between 1991 and 1993. It took the stabbing of Seles by a Graf fan in order for Graf to regain the number 1 ranking. Big question mark on Graf’s slam wins since.

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